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Learn to play chess from a Champion - from $30/hour

Improve your chess knowledge, tactics, attack, middlegame, endgame and defense by learning from our Grandmasters & Chess Champions

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Interactive online chess lessons in New York and US

Chess Lessons Royal Chess Coaching Academy is the top-rated professional online school in New York and the United States that teaches all types of players, from children and amateurs to professionals. Private chess lessons and personalized online chess coaching we offer are the most effective way to learn chess.

Chess is a universal game, knowing no boundaries of age, gender, nationalities, faith, ethnicity, or disability, that promotes intellectual skills such as problem-solving, logical and strategic thinking, pattern recognition, and concentration. Playing chess with our coaches boosts self-esteem and fosters the intellectual character of all students.

Our chess coaches are carefully selected Chess Champions, Masters, and Grandmasters who, in addition to a high level of chess knowledge, have high educational, motivational and pedagogical skills. Before we accept a student, our chess coaches carefully analyze the needs of each player, his/her psychological profile, style of play, and available knowledge, and based on this, provide adequate personalized lessons and training.

Do you want to learn to play chess? Would you like your child to become a skilled chess player? You are in the right place at the right time 
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Chess lessons New York | What Makes Us Different?

Chess Lessons New York | Learn Chess from a Champions

Learn Chess from a Champions

We provide individual chess lessons taught by highly rated chess champions and tournament-level chess coaches. For advanced players, we host Master classes.
Chess Lessons New York | Are Our Chess Coaches Worth It?

Are Our Chess Coaches Worth It?

Yes, our chess coaches are worth it because they can quickly elevate your skill level, strategy, tactics and the quality of game you play. Prices start from $30/h.
Chess Lessons New York | Online Chess Lessons

Online Chess Lessons

Our experienced chess coaches are dedicated to promoting the benefits of online chess lessons to a students in New York, United States and around the world.

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Chess Lessons New York | Slika Chess Lessons New York | Slika

Chess Lessons New York | How training works?

Chess lessons and chess courses we offer are strictly private (one-to-one) and online, so you can learn to play chess from the comfort of your own home. Royal Chess Coaching Academy coaches use the most popular, well-established, and fast chess platforms during the training ( / ChessBase / Lichess / ChessKid), and the video communication with students is interactive and takes place via Skype, Zoom, or Teams.

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Chess Lessons New York | Royal Academy
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We offer chess coaching for all levels, from beginners to advanced students.

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