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Chess lessons Brooklyn NY

Royal Chess Coaching Academy

Chess lessons Brooklyn NY - you searched for these keywords on Google and found our website? Better late than never. The Royal Chess Coaching Academy is a high-level professional chess school in the Brooklyn NY area and the United States that offers online training and classes to all types of players, from children (beginners) to adults (professionals). We have more than 20 years of experience in teaching chess, both children and adults. 

The basic mission of the Royal Chess Coaching Academy is the complete satisfaction of our students, with clear progress in chess playing with the harmonized raising of mental and emotional intelligence. 

Our chess coaches

Our chess Coaches are carefully selected Chess Champions, Grandmasters, and International or FIDE Masters who, in addition to a high level of chess knowledge, have high educational, motivational, and pedagogical skills. They are also proven professional chess players, coaches, and book authors. Our chess coaches are fluent in English, Italian, BCMS, and Russian language.

Why choose us?

If you want to rapidly improve your chess skills, there is no better way than having private lessons with proven chess champions. We provide a carefully tailored chess lesson to our students from professional chess coaches and champions. This approach to learning enhances the student’s chess understanding, gives more confidence, and provides a flexible time arrangement suited for the student’s schedule. 

Many years of experience and acquired knowledge of our chess Masters and Grandmasters make us confident in the quality and results of our work. Private chess lessons include an initial assessment where the coach will determine the player's strengths and weaknesses, needs, psychological profile, style of chess-playing, and knowledge, and then prepare custom tailor a lesson plan to suit the player's needs.

Pros of online chess classes

  1. Your pace and schedule - Online chess coaching allows you to choose when and how often you want to study chess with a chess coach. Our Academy offers a flexible schedule, so it's a matter of having a computer, a decent internet connection, and readiness to become a top chess player.
  2. You can access a variety of resources and instructors - most importantly, you’re not restricted to looking in the same area, you can have a chess coach from anywhere in the world! Even better, your chess coach could be a top-level professional chess player with a high ELO rating and Grandmaster title. Not all coaches and students are the perfect fit for each other, so finding a perfect match for the best results is essential. Our job is to find you a perfect chess coach for your needs and ambitions. 
  3. You can save money and time - online chess classes are usually more affordable than hiring a private in-person chess coach. You also don't have to travel or commute to attend the lessons.

How our chess courses are implemented?

We currently teach remotely using well-established online tools including Zoom, Skype, Teams,, ChessBase, and Lichess. We combine chess puzzles, strategy training & game analysis to create a dynamic learning experience tailored to each individual.

All academic chess courses are held exclusively online, which allows you to follow the one-to-one lessons from the comfort of your home and to have interactive communication with our chess coaches. 

Coaching rates

Our coaching rates for private or one-on-one chess sessions depend on the chess coach's title, ELO ranking, experience, and knowledge. Coaching rates start from £30 per session (one hour).

What is included in the price of one chess lesson/session?

The following is included in the price of one chess lesson (session):

  • chess session lasting 60 minutes;
  • use of the Zoom application;
  • use of the online platform for scheduling classes;
  • use of an online platform for training and learning;
  • recordings of the chess lessons;
  • instructor's monthly reports on work with students;
  • guarantee that the student will significantly improve his knowledge and chess playing.

How to apply for our chess lessons?

You can apply to our chess lessons and courses here: Apply Online.

Book a trial chess session

Before we accept a student to join our Royal Chess Coaching Academy, we organize trial chess sessions in which our chess coach is responsible for assessing the student's chess knowledge, goals, attention levels, motivation, perceived relevance, and ability to learn chess online. 

We look forward to scheduling a trial (free of charge) chess session with our chess coach at your earliest convenience.

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How to contact us?

If you need additional information about our chess academy or you want to book a chess coach, please call us at +381 65 202 77 77 or get in touch with us and visit our Contact page.

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