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Private Chess Lessons | Chess Lessons New York

Private Chess Lessons
We offer interactive private chess lessons for all types of students and ages. Private chess lessons are one of the most efficient ways to improve students' playing ability. Our team of expert chess coaches provides personalized chess training.

Private chess lessons are an excellent opportunity to get specialized, one-on-one instruction with our highly trained coaches and professional chess players. Private lessons include an initial assessment where the chess will determine the player's strengths and weaknesses, and then custom tailor a lesson plan to suit the player's needs. 

Private or one-on-one lessons allow the student to ask many questions and learn new techniques and methods at his or her own pace. It also allows the chess coach to customize the curriculum to the individual student.

Standard private lessons we offer are handled by advanced-level chess coaches, chess Champions, Grandmasters, Masters, and professional chess players.

All our chess students can undoubtedly improve chess knowledge and understanding because they will:

  • Train with title players
  • Master opening repertoire
  • Master middlegame and endgame
  • Have customized training plans to help advance their game

We also offer recordings of all chess sessions with our chess coaches.

Should You Hire Our Chess Coach?
In chess, there is no straightforward path to improve and get a higher level of knowledge. Every student has a different learning style. Thus, it could be hard for the regular chess player to find his or her weaknesses and, more importantly, learn how to tackle such vulnerabilities.

A chess coach is only a supplement to your overall chess improvement. Our chess coaches will not come up with a magical recipe that will increase your rating points exponentially overnight; it is the complete opposite. Our chess coaches provide material and recordings to review after the lesson is over depending on your needs as a chess player, and it is the student’s responsibility to follow the coach’s instructions and to do the work.

Working with our chess coaches can be strongly beneficial for students’ chess because it will make the path to mastery faster. However, the ultimate goal of hiring a coach should be learning how to work on chess by yourself. Our chess coaches will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide a plan to improve your chess gradually.

The Main Advantages of Hiring Our Chess Coaches

There are a lot of benefits of hiring our chess coaches, and the main benefits are:

  1. Expand of chess knowledge - chess knowledge is referred to as chess theory, which is anything you can learn from books like typical endgames, openings, famous and instructive games, and general principles. Within this spectrum, working with a chess coach is similar to going to school. Our chess coaches already spent a lot of time learning the game before, so they can provide the information digested with the most important ideas.
  2. Development of critical and creative thinking skills - chess has been implemented as an effective tool for teaching students how to advance critical and creative thinking skills, strategic planning, and decision making. Chess is all about thinking strategically and foreseeing consequences, weighing options, and making strategic decisions which makes it a perfect teaching and learning tool. Students learn to analyze, plan, and execute on the chessboard and replicate this in real life. Learning to think ahead, working through a multi-step problem, and collaborating helps them acquire important skills to prepare them for the 21st century.
  3. Improve your chess understanding – chess understanding is what’s happening behind the moves played on the board. It’s what is going to make students play the best moves even when you arrive at unexplored opening theory, confusing middlegames, and unknown endgames. Our chess coaches efficiently foster and improve the chess understanding of all students. They provide all the answers to students' questions about chess and unconditional support in achieving chess goals. We are sure that our students significantly improve their game, communication, and interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
  4. Unlimited access to our knowledge about chess, training, and its psychology - chess is a tough game to play because of its complexity. Good training practices, the use of modern IT platforms and databases, and experienced chess coaches as well are fundamental to becoming a better chess player. Our chess coaches have more than 20 years of experience working with students of various ages and ability levels. They are familiar with all well-known chess platforms, cutting-edge training software, rapid improvement methods, and databases in use. Our coaches pick a good opening repertoire, get the most out of reading books, improve students’ tactical vision, analyze games, follow the current trends in the chess world, assist at chess tournaments, etc.

Levels of Chess Coaches We Offer

  1. Grandmaster
    The highest level of chess coaches in the world. Our Grandmasters are ready to strengthen all aspects of a player’s game. We also offer chess Grandmasters who are current or former chess Champions.
  2. International Master
    International Masters are among the world's elite professional players. 
  3. Master
    In the top .01% of players in the world, Masters provide students with top-notch preparation and a deep understanding.
  1. Expert Coach
    With a lot of hours teaching chess students in classrooms and private lessons, Expert Coaches are truly masters of their craft.

Rates typically depend on the strength and title of our chess coach. An hour of a one-to-one lesson can cost from 45-170 USD. If you want to hire a high-ranking chess Grandmaster one hour of one-to-one lessons could cost even around 300 USD. You can also find coaches that give group lessons for a much lower price, but we offer only private or one-to-one chess lessons with high-ranking chess Grandmasters.

How to apply to our chess lessons?
You can apply to our chess lessons and courses here: APPLY ONLINE.

Book a trial chess session

Before we accept a student to join our Royal Chess Coaching Academy, we organize trial chess sessions in which our chess coach is responsible for assessing the student's chess knowledge, goals, attention levels, motivation, perceived relevance, and ability to learn chess online. 

We look forward to scheduling a trial (free of charge) chess session with our chess coach at your earliest convenience.

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How to contact us?

If you need additional information about our chess academy or you want to book a chess coach, please call us at +381 65 202 77 77 or get in touch with us and visit our Contact page.

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